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The Pasadena Consistory
Master of Kadosh: Robert E. Oaks, 32° KSA


The Degrees of the Consistory*

31st Degree - Inspector Inquisitor

Though no apron is worn in the Tribunal, there was an apron that was to be worn when an Inspector Inquisitor visited an inferior body. That custom has been dispensed with but the apron is still a part of the history and symbolism of the degree; so it is displayed here. It is of pure white lambskin with a Teutonic Cross embroidered in black and silver upon the flap.

The collar is white and at the point upon the breast is a gold triangle emitting rays with the letters 'xxxi' in the center.

The jewel of the degree is a Teutonic Cross of silver worn with a white watered ribbon around the neck.

Judge yourself in the same light as you judge others - consider both actions and motives.
The good man is able to portray himself and his actions positively and not simply assert the absence of wrong in his life.
Justice and mercy are two opposites which unite in the great harmony of equity.
To aim at the best but be content with the best possible is true wisdom.
Is a man a thief who steals a loaf of bread for his children?
Balance, heart, columns, sages, Tetractys.


32nd Degree - Master of the Royal Secret

The cordon is worn from the right shoulder to the left hip and is four inches wide, doubled, black edged with white on the principal side and crimson on the other. At the point of the principal side is embroidered a red Teutonic cross with a silver double-headed eagle superimposed. On the crimson side, at the height of the heart, is embroidered a Teutonic cross in black.

The jewel of the order is a Teutonic cross of gold with arms frosted. In the center are the letters 'xxxii', surrounded by a green wreath.

The apron is of white silk or velvet, twelve inches square, edged with two stripes of gold lace, each half an inch wide, and an inch apart, and fringed with gold. Between the stripes of the lace is a stripe of black velvet. On the flap are embroidered six flags, three on each side, the lower one blue, the middle one red and the upper one gold. On these, in the center, is a Teutonic cross of gold, and over that an eye of gold, surrounded by two rays. On the cross, a black double-headed eagle, with beak and claws of gold, holding a sword of gold, one claw on the hilt. On the body of the apron is the Tracing-Board of the degree in all the colors. The reverse side of the apron is of crimson silk or velvet. It is tied by a heavy cord of crimson silk.

A Soldier of the Light seeks truth and knowledge.
A Soldier of Freedom demands for the people free vote and voice and attains freedom of voice, vote and opinion for himself.
A Soldier of the True Religion combats spiritual tyranny with reason and truth.
A Soldier of the People encourages men to be self-reliant and independent.
A Soldier of Scottish Rite Masonry is zealous and ardent in the performance of his duties to God, his country, his family, his brethren and himself.
The human is ever interlaced with the Divine.
Only doctrines, faith or knowledge which bear fruit in action are of value.
Tp work is to worship.
Do you endeavor to achieve the Royal Secret in your life and within yourself?
The Camp, Lesser Tetractys, five=pointed star, Greater Tetractys, seven-pointed star, triple interlaced triangles, Trimurti (3-faced bust).

* Taken from A Bridge to Light by Dr. Rex R. Hutchens, 33°, G.C.
available at scottishritestore.org

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