From the General Secretary

My Dear Brothers, Family and Friends,

During these trying times for America and the World, we at the Rite are suspending our monthly bulletin for awhile and providing updates at the Rite. I first want to take the opportunity to thank the Knights of St. Andrew and S.K. Jorge Ramos and S.K. Keith Kramer for organizing the knights to call on all 800+ members of Pasadena Scottish Rite and check on their welfare. This is true Masonry at work. Remember should you need assistance feel free to contact our office.

Bill Rook
General Secretar

A Word From our Venerable Master

Hail, Brethren! I stated at the January installation that 2020 was going to be a rough and troubling time for the Valley of Pasadena. I was, of course, referring to the budgetary crisis we were facing at that time. Little did I realize that the budget was the easy fix to the uncertain times ahead. Once the budget problem was solved, an even greater, unseen problem arose. One we could not solve so easily.

With the current health crisis worldwide, it seems that the global order has dramatically changed our daily lives and the way we interact with one another. In addition to federal, state and local governments shutting down non-essential businesses, activities and gatherings, the Grand Master has issued a suspension of all masonic activities in this jurisdiction until further notice. To follow suit, our Sovereign Grand Commander, The Grand Encampment of the York Rite, Shiner’s International, and all masonic youth orders, have ceased operation until at least June with the possibility extensions, depending on the state of affairs at that time.

All, however, is not doom and gloom. Even with the death of the architect, the temple was still completed. Masonry is alive and well, and we are finding alternative ways to keep our traditions and fraternal bonds, intact. The Scottish Rite in the Valley of Pasadena is still working to keep operations going. We are working at home, establishing conference calls as needed, maintaining our beautiful cathedral and dispensing masonic relief. We will not be deterred in our duties to our members, masonry or to the community.

The Knights of St. Andrew are currently contacting all our members to check on their well-being and to ensure our membership roster is accurate. Our Personal Representative, Ill. Rees Padfield, is keeping a watchful eye and making decisions on the important matters concerning our Valley. The General Secretary, Ill. Bill Rook, is in the office on Wednesdays to take care of any essential business the Rite must deal with on a day to day basis. You may contact him if you should have any questions regarding your dues, applications or any other business you may have. The office number is 626 795-4213. The Almoner is still available to help those who need assistance and lend a brotherly hand of relief. The cathedral board is maintaining the building and our treasurer is carefully tracking our finances and our investments. We will have a Master’s and Warden’s conference call in a few weeks to discuss future activities and we are revising the calendar as needed.

Though we may not meet again until June (hopefully), rest assured that this Valley and its members are being well taken care of. In this time of Remembrance and Renewal, take a few minutes to remember those brothers who have laid down their working tools to entered the Celestial Lodge Above, along with the renewal of a brighter and glorious future ahead for all of us.

Until we meet again, my Brothers, take care of yourselves and those you love. No matter what happens, Freemasonry will always survive so long as we care about the value of our principals and in our daily lives, we continue to “Do It RITE”.

May God bless you and keep you!

Gregory J. Gabriel, 32*, KCCH
Venerable Master of the Pasadena Lodge of Perfection

Lastly A Word From Our Personal Representative


In this trying time, while our Grand Master has cancelled all Masonic related meetings for the near future, and our Federal, State and County leaders are instituting health precautions it is important that we remember the tenants of our fraternity. These are truly needed at this time of not only health uncertainties but also the political divineness that pervades our country. These tenants, which we are taught, need to be our message to everyone.

First is Brotherly Love. By that, we need to extend to our Brothers and widows, our support and assistance. If a Brother, relative, or neighbor needs food, basic necessities, or medicine and needs help in getting them we need to stand ready to help them.

Second is Charity. If you know of Brother or widow who has been adversely affected by the quarantines or business closures now in place, you need to advise them of the Grand Lodge Masonic Relief program as well as the Scottish Rite Almoner support that is available.

Third is Truth. This we need most of all. While we all can argue about right and wrong, left or right politics, we all need to understand that the truth and facts do matter in this time of national emergency to avoid creating an unnecessary panic. The Pasadena Scottish Rite is currently closed for meetings. The office will be open, for the office staff only, a few hours on Wednesday mornings in order to collect and pay required bills and any other important business. We do not know when our next Stated Meeting will be held. When we do start up again, we will observe the Remembrance and Renewal Ceremony to honor those who now are at Refreshment. We will replan the rest of the year when it is advisable to continue with public meetings.

Our Language Center is continuing to operate using electronic media to communicate with the clients, but no service is available at the Rite.

The Cathedral Board will continue to meet using electronic media, to insure that the building is maintained and remains a safe home for the Pasadena Scottish Rite.

I wish to apologize to the cast, crew and director of the Spirit of Hiram Play for cancelling the event. I thought it in the best interest of everyone. The work preparing and rehearsing for the Play was extensive and I truly appreciate it. Not knowing the future, we have also cancelled our abbreviated Spring Class. Hopefully this fall we have a huge class.

Lastly, be safe. If you must go out for work or for supplies, use all caution and as we have heard: “Wash Your Hands.”

Hope to see you soon.

Rees Padfield, 33°
Personal Representative

Stay strong and be safe